Industry Specific Business Solutions

There are certain industries that exist that require extra attention or special solutions designed just for them. Industries such as the health care, legal, and education industries are especially in need of custom solutions due to the various compliance and regulatory issues that surround them.

MFD Business Solutions has first-hand knowledge of these industries and provides document and software solutions designed specifically for them.

The different industries we specialize in include:

Health Care Industry

Doctor Health Care - Industry in Carrolton, TX
You patients’ information is protected under various laws including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). That’s why it’s very important to have the correct document solutions in place when handling data digitally and electronically. Let MFD Business Solutions ensure that you’re remaining in compliance with these strict regulations by implementing the necessary Document Solutions for your industry.

Legal Industry

Legality - Industry in Carrolton, TX
Similar to the health care industry, there are many regulatory compliance issues that surround the legal industry. Be sure that your firm is up-to-date with the latest regulations with a professionally managed Document Management System in your office.

Education Industry

Children on School - Industry in Carrolton, TX
Some people don’t realize the extent of the specialized attention the education industry needs to keep records safe and secure. By offering SharePoint technology for Education, we are able to cater solutions specifically for your school and your district. We also offer Teaching Assistant by Kyocera to help with getting away from the hassle of using Scantrons for testing.

Real Estate

Women on Business Attire - Industry in Carrolton, TX
The real estate industry is full of information that pertains to clients and potential leads. Keep everything organized and in check with the proper Document Solution strategy for your office. Whether your practice is just starting out, or you are a well established firm, it’s worth looking into the benefits that MFD Business Solutions can provide your office.
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