Our Guarantee

A guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it. We stand behind our core values and the products and services we sell and ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We offer our clients and unrivaled, unmatched guarantee that is deeply entrenched in our values as a company and our philosophy on business.

We Guarantee:

  • A 3-hour Response Time - We understand that when something isn’t functioning properly, the last thing you want to hear is that it will be fixed tomorrow or “sometime soon”. Our 3-hour response time to any problems that may arise ensure that your equipment is back up and running so you can get back to work!
  • Product Guarantee - We guarantee that the equipment you purchase will run according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If there happens to be a problem, we will switch out your machine at no extra cost.
  • No Hidden Fees - The last thing you want is to be bombarded with hidden charges and fees. Charging hidden fees goes against our philosophy and we ensure that you know exactly what you pay for. Installations are free and we offer ongoing training at no additional charge.
Putting the client first is at the core of our business practice. We strive to ensure your success and seek to build a partnership that will last for a long time!
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